Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses’ Leadership Certification Program Orientation and Guideline

Dear Pastors and Local Church Leaders, 

You are looking at Level One of the Leadership Certification Program.  Depending on the language, there are between 8-15 video seminars. According to the General Conference (as shared by Elder Jonas Arrias, GC Associate Ministerial Secretary) guideline, in order to complete the Level One core requirements, one has to complete 10 videos. Feel free to choose the 10 that best fit your local church needs. The duration for most presentations is around 30 minutes. 

Video Seminars:

  • Lesson 1: The Church and Its Organization
  • Lesson 2: The Elder’s Call and Qualification
  • Lesson 3: The Elder as Church Leader
  • Lesson 4: The Elder as Supporter of other Local Leaders 
  • Lesson 5: Small Group Ministries
  • Lesson 6: Tell the World (video not available) 
  • Lesson 7: Revival, Reformation, and Evangelism
  • Lesson 8: Communication Skills
  • Lesson 9: Church Manual
  • Lesson 10: Effective Public Speaking 
  • Lesson 11: How to Prepare a Sermon 
  • Lesson 12: Principles of Visitation
  • Lesson 13: Spiritual Gifts
  • Lesson 14: Principles of Effective Leadership 
  • Lesson 15: The Spirit of Prophecy

Certificates will be  given out to all leaders who have completed the  10 Videos, certified by your Pastor, sometime during the second quarter of 2021.  So, do plan on viewing all 10 video seminars of your choice by or before the end of the first quarter of 2021.  Our Pastors have worked hard to complete this project and pray that it will benefit your church in general and your local church leaders in particular.


Dennis Ng

PEM Ministerial Association

December 2020

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